hereditary disease

a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically
Hypernyms: ↑disease
monogenic disorder, ↑monogenic disease, ↑polygenic disorder, ↑polygenic disease, ↑achondroplasia, ↑achondroplasty, ↑osteosclerosis congenita, ↑chondrodystrophy, ↑abetalipoproteinemia, ↑inborn error of metabolism, ↑Hirschsprung's disease, ↑congenital megacolon, ↑mucopolysaccharidosis, ↑hyperbetalipoproteinemia, ↑ichthyosis, ↑maple syrup urine disease, ↑branched chain ketoaciduria, ↑McArdle's disease, ↑muscular dystrophy, ↑dystrophy, ↑oligodactyly, ↑oligodontia, ↑otosclerosis, ↑autosomal dominant disease, ↑autosomal dominant disorder, ↑autosomal recessive disease, ↑autosomal recessive defect, ↑Fanconi's anemia, ↑Fanconi's anaemia, ↑congenital pancytopenia, ↑Spielmeyer-Vogt disease, ↑juvenile amaurotic idiocy, ↑congenital afibrinogenemia, ↑osteopetrosis, ↑Albers-Schonberg disease, ↑marble bones disease, ↑nevoid elephantiasis, ↑pachyderma, ↑dwarfism, ↑nanism, ↑lactose intolerance, ↑lactase deficiency, ↑milk intolerance, ↑porphyria, ↑hepatolenticular degeneration, ↑Wilson's disease

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